Innovative notice with Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder Module

The internet market grows more and more, becoming more popular and more reliable. But sometimes it is difficult to show the merchandise as in a physical store, making customers tend to have their doubts when buying. For these types of problems, there is a solution: Presta Shop, a website that is provided for the sample of articles, a perfect online store to make an optimal sample of the merchandise.

Certified company under a number of awards such as the People’s CMS Awards 2014 for the Best eCommerce Solution for SMB and the Best eCommerce Solution for Enterprise, considered as the best business application in the market. This web page has a free code which can be seen and modified by any user to adapt it to your comfort and your work needs.
Prestashop on its website is adding a feature called an Innovative notice with Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder , which will ensure that sales increase significantly. When buying in this online store, you will have a cart where you will put your own purchases, which will remain there until you buy.
A person can accidentally leave his cart as he went to eat, to attend to children, among other things that happen in their environment. This function Innovative notice with Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder Module has several ways to use it. This function is responsible for informing the buyer of all existing ways that left his cart on the page. This works through various ways as they are, by pop-ups, by browser notifications, even by mail, taking into account the small possibility of adding discount coupons in the mail, as this would ensure the company who saw the emails and who does not. However, whatever your idea, PrestaShop is the best option to sell your things facilitating the reliability of the client.