Random Runner, fruity fun

In the world of games, there is one in particular that is known throughout the world: the classic slot machine, a very common machine in the casinos that offered hours of entertainment and the opportunity to earn some coins by simply pulling a lever.

With the intention of recovering that game and making it more accessible for all, besides being able to play it from the comfort of the house, many online game developers have bet to create the virtual versions of this old-school model; and Random Runner is one of them.
It is a classic reel game, but in this online version, it has two, instead of one. When activating the lever both reels move in a twin action and synchronized. The symbols that are seen turning on the screen are the well-known group of fruits, made up of grapes, melon, lemons, pears, oranges, watermelons and cherries that are combined from time to time with stars and the number 7. If you get 3 stars you can earn the maximum price of 200 credits.
Its double reel is the feature that sets it apart from the rest of online casino slots games. It’s like playing two games in one and having twice as much fun.
In Random Runner, the symbol “wild” has been replaced by the “Scatter” which is represented by a small crown that comes out 3 times in a single move regardless of the position of the reels, allows you to win 20 times the amount of the bet.
It also offers the possibility of playing in base or top mode, in addition to withdrawing credits to Winbank to play with bonuses. The smallest winnings of the base game are obtained by multiplying the bet by 4.
Some fruit symbols can have a small star that indicates that the bet is multiplied by 200 and if during the base game a cherry is obtained in the first roll the machine makes a self-assessment that allows winning 4 credits or nothing. Random Runner is the best game ever!